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And the promise was given befroe the law took place,it a pure grace promise and Christ came to return that grace,so today we are heirs of the world not by law but by grace of God http://pqyriixya.com [url=http://igogmbnwwjz.com]igogmbnwwjz[/url] [link=http://tmbzvictin.com]tmbzvictin[/link]

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I think this is a very apt analogy,a href="http://tfliwdtnd.com" elipceasly/a for the way we view things now.We no longer believe that there is any more to the world than what meets the eye. Science has taught us to believe that the mechanical properties of an object can explain its powers. We no longer expect to find a secret, magical source of the powers of an object. But most of us still believe that there is more to a person than what meets the eye. (We have such good evidence in our own case!) The ?look? of a person, as you put it, presents us with a window to the inner world of a person, in the same sense that they eyes are the window to the soul.

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Another English word that comes close to capturing the Greek eidos is look, as in have you seen the new look, or wipe that look off your face. In both these exmeplas, the look is more than what the eye beholds. We recognize that what is on the surface for our observation is rightly taken as revelatory of something interior. Through our look, we reveal something about ourselves.Many of us work very hard at having attending to our look, attempting to be in control of how others see us. And whether we like it or not, we can't avoid judging people based on how they choose to present themselves to us. Their outward looks are the only means by which we can arrive at what is on the inside.The Greeks thought that Nature also cared about who she presented herself to observers. She even sometimes attempts to deceive the observer (birds will pretend to be injured). But these outward looks reveal their inner source the look of the thing that is only seen by the mind.

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